The Nude Nutritionist

Food hasn't always been my friend.

I used to really struggle with my weight and healthy eating.

When I transformed my relationship with food... everything changed.

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Disclaimer: The Nude Nutritionist wears clothes during media interviews.

Disclaimer: The Nude Nutritionist wears clothes during media interviews.

When did healthy eating get so complicated?!

It sounds easy enough. Eat real, whole foods, cook more and enjoy everything in moderation.

Then why is it so hard to put into practice?

I used to struggle with my weight. Each Monday I'd wake up and try to 'start again'. I knew exactly which foods to eat but I'd still come undone, particularly on the weekends.

I finally realised that it wasn't my willpower that was the problem. It was my relationship with food.

I had been taught an out-dated approach and it kept me stuck - struggling with my weight, emotional eating and anxiety. Once I improved my relationship with food, my whole life transformed. 

That's why I believe the cornerstone to a healthy diet is a healthy relationship with food. 

You don't need to deprive yourself or cut out whole food groups to be healthy. You just need to learn how to keep it real

My health story

I started dieting at a really young age. I counted calories, cut out carbohydrates and weighed out my food. My weight loss results were only ever temporary and soon the strict eating plans only led to emotional overeating, anxiety and nutrition confusion.

I learned the hard way that diets not only don't work, they actually lead to weight gain and a really unhealthy relationship with food. 

So after 10 years of dieting, I finally quit diets.

It took time and a completely new approach to heal my relationship with food and learn to love my body again.

But with guidance and support, I was able to transform my body and mind to be the healthiest, most balanced version of me today.

The first step is to rebuild your relationship with food. Let me show you how.

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Photoshop Free!

No 'body' is perfect. That is why I have a strict NO PHOTOSHOP policy. In order to be real, honest and 'stripped bare', no images of me are photoshopped - and they never will be!

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Keep It Real Online Program

You can heal you relationship with food and stop struggling with your weight - even if you've been dieting for year.

Keep It Real Program is a 10-week online course designed to help you find balance with food and your body - and never diet again.

"This is without a doubt the best program I have ever participated in. It feels like I am getting my life back again".

Lyndi Cohen The Nude Nutritionist Media dietitian

Australian Media Nutritionist

I love spreading the word about healthy eating as the regular media nutritionist dietitian on Channel 9's TODAY show.

If you are looking for a media nutritionist or TV dietitian, please get in touch to collaborate. Note: As a media nutritionist, I only work with brands and companies who share my 'back to basics' food philosophy! 


Nutrition Consultant

As a Nutrition consultant, I'm lucky enough to work with food (and often eat it too)! I currently consult to some amazing organisations and I'm proud to be Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassador. 

Got a project in mind and need a nutrition consultant with experience and media savvy? Let’s chat further. 

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Public speaker

Sharing my story and my passion for healthy eating is what I love to do. As a trained nutrition speaker and presenter, I'd love to speak at your next event. 

My passion areas include mental health and anxiety, weight struggles, healthy habits, motivation and willpower, finding balance and how a healthy relationship can help you create a healthier body. 

Get to touch to get the full story...