Heroin, Cocaine and Coffee


Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world affecting the central nervous system to give us a BUZZ (or twitch if you drink too much).

So what exactly do cocaine, heroin and coffee all have in common?

A lot more than you think.

This photo shows something kinda awesome. This is your brain on drugs.

Scientists administered different drugs to spiders before they began making a web. Interestingly, the webs spun by spiders on caffiene were far worse than many other drugs that we typically think are much worse But why? What does caffiene actually effect your body? 

  1. Caffeine gets you brain neurons firing furiously simulating the response to an emergency. Your body injects adrenaline into your body for a boost. 

  2. Caffeine blocks adenosine, a neurotransmitter that makes you sleepy. The result is that you feel alert.

  3. It fires up the pleasure centres in your brain by manipulating dopamine. Heroin and cocaine effect dopamine levels in the same way. This is why caffeine makes you feel good – and is addictive! 

Research shows that the same area of your brain LIGHTS up when you consume all three of these substances. These stimulants will make you feel great initially, but once their chemical powers wear off - you may be left feeling flat and depressed. 

As is the way in nutrition and health. - too much of ANYTHING will harm you.  

P.s. Drugs are bad. mmmm-k.ay 

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Lyndi Cohen