New Food Movemet driven by the youth


Watch this short inspirational clip from Youth Food Movement, a driven group of young changemakers taking a stand for sustainable eating in Australia. 

The movement

Youth Food Movement believe that we must challenge the status quo in order to support a more sustainable food system. Sourced maps out how consumers can be part of these innovative solutions, and the positive effect we can have on the food system through conscious food consumption.

About the film

'Sourced' beautifully captures the story of food in our own backyard and reveals the potential of small-scale, local agriculture to strengthen food security and build resilient urban communities.

Want to learn how you can produce, distribute and consume food... in a more sustainabile and enriching way? Get in touch with the awesome community at Youth Food Movement.

About Youth Food Movement
A movement brining young people together to build an understanding and value for the food we eat. Check out this fabulous movement at 

Lyndi Cohen