How to be Healthy on Holiday


Staying healthy when you are on holiday can be tricky, but your vacay doesn't need to leave you feeling bloated, lethargic and flat. 

In fact, you want to return from your holiday feeling energetic and refreshed! But with all the tempting food and drink on offer, it can be hard to stick with our healthy habits. 

Make the most of your holiday time by following these simple tips that will help you stay healthy and energised:

1. Enjoy some kind of activity - each day

Why not try something outside of your normal routine, like kayaking, hiking around local sites or a surfing lesson? Hit a few balls on the resort tennis court. Hire a bike instead of sightseeing in the car.

And did anyone say…yoga on the beach?

Walk as much as you can - It’s always a great excuse to potter around any local shops or markets! It might be tempted to just laze about, but you will actually be happier and have more energy if you make time each day for some kind of activity. 

2. Be adventurous

There are so many healthy, adventurous options when dining out on holidays. Take the chance to try new healthy, delicious, exotic and adventurous dishes you may not try when cooking at home for yourself. Be open to trying local dishes if you’re travelling overseas. A Thai cooking class has always been on my agenda!

3. Keep hydrated

Always keep a water bottle on you and fill up where you can. When sipping cocktails, alternate between water and booze. You'll feel less hungover the next day and probably consume less alcohol! 

4. Hit ‘refresh’ and ‘detox’ the natural way

Your holiday could be a great opportunity to explore new healthy and exotic dishes and reinvigorate healthy habits for when you get home.  Let’s also be realistic. You might want to reach for foods you may normally limit, (think bacon, hash browns and pancakes at breakfast). Why not try this. For every ‘indulgent’ selection you make, pair it with a healthy choice. It’s all about balance.

5. Have healthy snacks on hand

Eating times can get a little out of whack on holiday. To avoid becoming hangry and eating everything in the bar fridge, stock up on nuts and local seasonal fruit to have mid morning if you’re on the go. A fruit smoothie with milk of your choice in the afternoon is a good choice… we’re sure there will some kind of smoothie shack close by! Why not also try for one healthy vegetable and/or fruit juice each day?

6. Indulge with non-food rewards

You’re away to relax, so relaxation it shall be - Take time to chill, be it by the pool (with SPF 30+ of course), beach or wherever you may be. Allow for a ‘non-food’ indulgence each day, like a massage, pedicure or buying that sarong you have had your eye on. It can be tempting to treat yourself with desserts and cocktails, but aim to make the most of your chill time with non-food rewards. 

7. Practise mindfulness

Take the opportunity to practice some mindfulness – when else are we truly stress free? This is the perfect opportunity to be in the present and start listening to your body and its needs again. This will help you to come home feeling refreshed and resilient towards whatever life throws at you next. If you need a little extra help, download an app like Smiling Mind that will help you get started. 

8. Tune into your body

Why not embrace this time of being relaxed and carefree to tune in and listen to your body’s natural hunger and fullness signals? Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and all that goes with the hustle and bustle of everyday life can very often blur a state of mindfulness about how we eat. In a true relaxed state, this is when we are best able to connect to how we’re feeling. This is the true sense of ‘detoxing’ on a holiday.


About the author

Lucy Carpenter is a lover of all things health and nutrition which is just one of the reasons she is an intern with The Nude Nutritionist. She is a 3rd year Nutrition & Dietetics student who has also completed a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Metabolism and Psychology at the Uni of Sydney. Wow! When she isn't studying and getting creative in the kitchen, Lucy can be found doing yoga, ballet, horseriding and hiking out in nature. See why we like her so much? Check out Lucy's foodie inspiration on instagram by following @onehealthybeing

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