How to Resurrect your New Years Resolution!


March. January and February are over and we have officially shaken off the festive season.  Now is the perfect time to reflect on your New Years resolutions. 

Was your resolution to get fit, but you haven’t stepped foot in the gym? Or have you wanted to eat healthier, but those daily chocolate chip cookies are just too tempting?

Consider these tips to make sure you’re setting and sticking to achievable goals your future self will be proud of. It is never too late to get back on track!

1.What were your goals again?

It is one thing to type it in your phone, after all, that device is usually by our side on the daily. But as your inbox gets bigger, or you accumulate more typed notes, we know these commitments will soon be forgotten.

In saying that, grab a pen and paper and re write the goals you want to achieve. This is also an opportunity to narrow down a list and make it manageable.

Next, stick it somewhere obvious!

You could put it on the mirror or save a picture as your screen saver. This will be a constant reminder as you get ready in the morning, or check your phone.

2. Keep your self-accountable.

Like a long road trip, you’re going to have to make some pit stops along the way.

Goals are like long road trips; you don’t get to the destination over night. Enjoy the journey by making those pit stops and checking in with your self (say, every month) to see how far you’ve come and where you can improve.

This also means you have to be true to yourself. Those cookies do add up!

Don’t tempt yourself by keeping them in the house; even will power has its limits. Why not choose a healthier alternative in your weekly shop by opting for fresh fruit and veggies?

Reaching your goals will be much easier when those cookies aren’t in your peripherals. Keep in mind, you don’t have to restrict yourself, perhaps buy them for a special occasion when you can share?

3. Let others keep you accountable or consult an expert

Share your goals with your close ones!

Sometimes hearing encouragement from someone else is more effective than keeping it to yourself. They might even jump on the bandwagon and you could be trading in the pizza dates for the odd fitness class.

On the other hand, you could also consult an expert to ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to achieve your results correctly either from a Personal Trainer, Dietician or Doctor.

Lastly, just remember that no one is perfect. Be kind to yourself and allow a little room for error. Ensure you find healthy foods and exercises you enjoy to give your self every opportunity to end 2016 the way you wanted to.

You’ve got this!

About the Author

All the way from Perth, Australia, Isabella Leung is a near PR and Marketing graduate with an equal passion for living a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not busy at uni, she’s finding every reason to cook, bake or stay active. In the future, she hopes to use her PR skills and passion for health to promote positive messages about life and wellbeing. Until then, you can find her on instagram @breakfastxgreens for a daily dose of greens (and some cake)!

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