The dieting dilema: What you're doing wrong


Do you depend on willpower or motivation to keep you healthy? Sorry to say it, dear reader - but that is not a good idea. 

Willpower is weak

Like tired muscles at the end of a workout, your willpower can become depleted when you use it too much. 

When you are stressed, tired, overwhelmed, PMSing, angry (insert any emotion here really), your willpower is depleted and you are more likely to make irrational decisions based on your environment. 


This is a fancy way to describe that the way food is displayed and our access to it plays a far bigger role in our health than our willpower. 

If you keep unhealthy food in the house - you will reach for the unhealthy food. If you view exercise as unejoyable or an effort - it will not get done. 

The No. 1 way to eat healthier is to CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Make it dead easy to make the healthier decision. 

Willpower is almost as unreliable as Australian public transport (almost). Once you can accept this as a fact of life... 

Change you environment

Get rid of the all unhealthy food in your house. Make it dead simple to eat healthy. DO IT TODAY.

If it NEEDS to be there, put it in the laundry, storage or the garage. Make it difficult to access.

Better still - don't purchase unhealthy food in the first place. If it's not in the house, you can't eat it when you are exhausted after a long, stressful day. 

krishna kumar