The incredibly simple trick to make healthy eating enjoyable...

Do you focus on the 'what' can I eat WAY too much. If you're like most people, the answer is yes. Can I eat this for breakfast? Does this have too many carbs? Should I eat that much fat?

How often do you ask yourself why did I eat that?

The reason I think this is important is when you set out to lose weight, most often you lose the enjoyment of food.

Eating becomes a numbers game... Am I allowed that? What has fewer calories? How many points is that? 

You don't need me to tell you that this is sucks the enjoyment out of food and eating. 

But what if you can do as the French do - and eat for enjoyment?

I think it's time to bring the pleasure back into food and stop eating purely for healths sake!

It's easy to forget, in this nutrition obsessed world, that sometimes you can eat because it brings you pleasure and that can be nourishing too... In a different sense of the word. 

Not 'superfood' nourishing but nourishing for the soul. And there's real value in that!

We eat for many reasons. Eating for health can be up there but it shouldn't be the only reason why we eat certain foods.

If you are solely focused on eating for healths sake, perhaps you're missing the point. And I wonder whether that really is a healthy way to approach food.

Food is so much more than just nutrients.

It's about connecting with others around the dinner table. It's about taking time out for yourself and reconnecting with what your body really wants. We celebrate with food and mourn with food. It keeps up alive and helps us thrive.

Too often we are solely focused on WHAT to eat. The nutrients, calories, portion size.

What if, instead of asking yourself 'what' am I allowed to eat, you started asking yourself:

Why am I eating?

  • I am hungry or bored? Am I frustrated or celebrating? I am dieting or making mindful choices?

How am I eating?

  • Am I stressed or anxious? Eating mindlessly? or am I guilty as I try to devour as much as possible before I'm 'caught'...? This used to be me. 

Where am I eating?

  • Are your hiding in the pantry, eating in front of the TV, on the couch or are you sitting at the table with friends and family?

These questions - and the answers - really do matter! They really are important to be healthy. 

These questions can lead to big shifts in the way you eat food - which will ultimately impact on 'what' you want to eat...

When I stopped always focusing on 'what' to eat and asked 'why' - it changed everything for me. Over time, I naturally wanted to healthier foods. 'What' I ate ended up changing naturally when I focused on the 'why'. 

I've written about this before, but stop focusing always on 'what' you eat. Instead, try bringing the pleasure back to food and asking: Why, How and Where am I eating? 

Want to bring the joy back into food and stop always worrying about 'what' you can eat? It's all in the BodyLove eCourse, designed to help you heal your relationship with food. 

krishna kumar