5 Foods to Supercharge Your Breakfast!


Eating a healthy breakfast is a great way to fuel a busy day, keep you energised and help prevent you from the candy coated vending machine...

When you use these 5 basics, you don’t necessarily need all the super food powders, tea-toxes or alkaline water to have a healthy and delicious start to your day!

1. Oats

Oatmeal is such a versatile brekkie welcoming all kinds of toppings you have in your pantry. Simply cook plain oats and milk on low heat, with a wooden spoon placed across the top of the pot to prevent it from over spilling.

That gives you 5-7 minutes to pull your hair together or pack your lunch before you return to give it a stir! Oats love a teaspoon of honey, nut butter, cinnamon or some fresh fruit.



But let's be real - most mornings are like this:

Via  @breakfastxgreens  on Instagram!

Via @breakfastxgreens on Instagram!

2. Toast

Us Aussie’s know how to load up a piece of toast and our brunching rituals have proven that a toasted piece of bread can hold a delicious stack!

Smashed avocado, eggs, feta and greens. Wait, would you like to add some haloumi on that?

Not everyone has time to play MasterChef first thing in the morning.

But, if the clock is in your favour, put your fridge to the test and see that a loaded piece of grainy toast can be the right ammunition to fuel your day. You might even sneak in some veggies for your 5 a day


superfood breakfast

Home Inspo:

Via  @breakfastxgreens  on Instagram 

Via @breakfastxgreens on Instagram 

3. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is full of protein and healthy fats, perfect to prevent you from feeling ravenous before your next meal. Why not change it up by using what you might have in your pantry for the week?

We like using cereal, nuts or fruit! Sweeten with a drizzle of honey if needed but fruit is a great way to add sweetness.

breakfast cereal

In a hurry? Use an empty jar, put your breakfast in it and take it with you!

4. Cereal

The right bowl of cereal can give you the lasting energy you need to start your day and can also be quick to prepare if you’re short on time. Read our thoughts on Brekkie cereal here. 

Jazz up your bowl by adding your own fresh fruit, frozen berries, nuts or seeds!

healthy breakfast ideas
healthy breakfast ideas

5. Eggs

Omelette, scrambled, sunny side up or poached? Eggs are a great addition to any breakfast since they give you a good dose of healthy fats and protein (both key in keeping you satiated!).

Have them on toast, just like mum would make or in a brekkie wrap with some spinach and avocado. Got a sweet tooth? Blend a banana with 2 eggs and fry it like a pancake, it’s been the latest thing!

healthy breakfast ideas
healthy breakfast ideas
healthy breakfast ideas

About the Author | Isabella Leung

All the way from Perth, Australia, Isabella Leung is a PR and Marketing graduate with an equal passion for living a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not busy, she’s finding every reason to cook, bake or stay active. In the future, she hopes to use her PR skills and passion for health to promote positive messages about life and wellbeing. Until then, you can find her on Instagram @breakfastxgreens for a daily dose of greens (and some cake)!