In a society that makes it so hard to love your body, you can’t just follow anyone on social media and hope for the best. 

Some social media accounts give you more confidence and body love. Others make you feel unworthy, not thin or good enough.

By following more body positive accounts, you’re filling your feed with daily reminders that health is not one size.

You are reminded that you can feel good, confident and beautiful in your healthy, non-model body.

So I’m sharing the accounts I currently love to follow on Instagram. These are the accounts that help me love my body and feel more confident every day.

Here’s a list of the BEST body positive accounts to follow on Instagram right now:

There’s plenty more, but here are 12 of my current favourites body positive Instagram accounts, some of the best body positive social media accounts to follow…

1. Ashley Graham – @ashleygraham

Amercian super-star model. This woman is insanely beautiful and confident. Over 17 million followers agree…

 Ashley Graham -  @ashleygraham  Ashley Graham – @ashleygraham

2. Jess King – @Jessraeking

An Australian model who really is body positive, helping us all embrace our body shape.

 Jess King -  @Jessraeking  Jess King – @Jessraeking

3. Jessica Smith – @Jessicasmith27

Author, former Paralympian, mum and a body diversity activist who brings a lot of realness to Instagram.

 Jessica Smith -  @Jessicasmith27  Jessica Smith – @Jessicasmith27

4. Katie Willcox – @katiewillcox

A model, mum and founder of @healthyisnewskinny, also well worth following! She is the second from the right – and I adore the caption she wrote to this post.

 Katie Willcox -  @katiewillcox  and  @healthyisnewskinny  Katie Willcox – @katiewillcox  and @healthyisnewskinny

5. Knix wear – @knixwear

I love brands who are doing great things for body love like this underwear brand with a refreshingly different approach to marketing their intimates.

6. Kelly Roberts – @kellyroberts

This lovely lady runs marathons and is redefining what a runner looks like -proving that health is not a size.

 Kelly Roberts -  @kellyroberts  Kelly Roberts – @kellyroberts

7. Bree Warren – @breekwarren

A beautiful body confident Australian model.

 Bree Warren -  @breekwarren  Bree Warren – @breekwarren

8. Meagan Jane Crabbe – @Bodyposipanda

Body positive advocate, author of Body Positive Power and all around great human.

 Meagan Jane Crabbe -  @Bodyposipanda  Meagan Jane Crabbe – @Bodyposipanda

9. Jenna Kutcher – @jennakutcher

While Jenna is more of a business coach, she is also a photographer and self-love advocate. Her posts and captions are tops.

 Jenna Kutcher -  @jennakutcher  Jenna Kutcher – @jennakutcher

10. Robyn Lawley – @robynlawley

A nature-loving Aussie model – and cookbook author! Any one who loves food is a friend of mine…

 Robyn Lawley -  @robynlawley   Robyn Lawley – @robynlawley

11. Celeste Barber – @celestebarber

A pee-your-pants funny comedian who pokes fun at Instagram and celebrity culture. If you don’t already, join her 9 million followers!

 Celeste Barber -  @celestebarber  Celeste Barber – @celestebarber

12. Iskra – @Iskra

Another model, but well worth following for a hit of body confidence. Here’s a photo of her with her mum.

Also, if you don’t already, follow me on Instagram for some body positive love.

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