Are energy drinks healthy? Is coffee healthy?


Are you a regular coffee drinker but think energy drinks are TOTALLY unhealthy?

I'm not denying that energy drinks are crap-tastic on the nutrition playing field - they are. But perhaps we need a good, healthy dose of perspective when it comes to our daily Cup of Jo, as well. 

Are you having too much caffiene? 

Less than 300mg per day is recommended. With that in mind, using my handy-dandy chart work out how much you drink on your average, busy day. 

  • Strong coffee (cafe style): 200mg 

  • Monster energy drinks: 160mg

  • Home made cup of joe: 80-100mg 

  • Red Bull: 80mg

Did you expect that Red Bull has less than half the amount of caffiene as a cafe-made coffee. Scary, isn't it?

  • A cup of tea: 40mg

  • Milk chocolate: 10mg 

  • Dark chocolate: 30mg

How did you do? 

If you are exceeding your upper limit of caffiene (about 2-3 cups of coffee a day) your body may be in a constant state of emergency. These bad boys also contribute sugar, energy and lost of unnatural chemical to your diet.

Possible solutions? 

  • The best case scenario is to avoid sleep deprivation and stress in the first place eliminating the need for a stimulant like caffiene. Wishful thinking? 

  • Cut back on the amount you drink. Swap your coffee for a tea or have one less cup per day. Withdrawal symptoms affect around 70% of us and typically last from two days to one week.


One energy drink won't kill you but drinking them repeatedly everyday can harm more than help your healt. As is the case with all things ‘health’, moderation is key. Ditching caffeine all together isn’t necessarily the healthiest move as some caffeine can benefit our health.


* In university, I drank too much coffee.

** There are still days when I drink too much coffee but I'm working on it!