How to eat everything in moderation


This is for anyone who can't open a packet of Tim Tams without eating the whole packet…

Extreme eating

Do you battle with cycles of excess and deprivation?

  • Exercise is good for us --> But over-exercising is not

  • Eating healthy is good for us --> But eating too strictly is not.


Any kind of extreme or obsessive behaviour tends to be unhealthy. Depriving ourselves of the things we like is a sure way to gain weight.Studies show that excess exercise can increase your risk of heart damage, osteoporosis and weaken your immune system. We all know that finding the middle ground IS damn tricky. So how do you successfully adopt an ‘everything in moderation’ mentality?

Three steps to moderation

Step 1. 

Focus LESS on health to become HEALTHIER. If you adopt the basics (eat more plants + fibre, less refined sugar, ditch the processed stuff etc.) and take each meal as it comes, the outcome will be an indifference to food and a healthy relationship with exercise.

Step 2. 

What if you put all that passion and energy that you put into health and redirected it into something meaningful? Redirect your obsession with food or exercise into something constructive. 

Step 3. 

When you do indulge in something, don't beat yourself up about it. Appreciate how much you enjoyed it and assure yourself that it can always be enjoyed again as a treat.