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Lyndi Cohen

Hey! I'm, Lyndi

I'm a dietition and nutritionist. After struggling with my weight for a decade, I'm all about being healthy without giving up 95% of your life to weight 5% less.

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Why You Shouldn’t Exercise To Lose Weight

When I was struggling with me weight, I was told by many misinformed people that if I wanted to lose weight, I would need to exercise every day for an hour. They failed to mention all the other reasons I should do it or maybe I didn’t hear them… Back then, if someone…

Emotional eating: What to do after you binge…

As I’ve shared on my blog before, I used to have binge eating disorder and it controlled my life for about 10 years. After quitting diets and adopting a whole lot of patience and doing the work to understand my emotions, it’s no longer something that I struggle wi…