Why you need to stop counting calories


Let's be honest... Vegetables are not as delicious as chocolate, chips or ice-cream. Who are we kidding?! There is clear difference in taste (not to mention price).

BUT after eating vegetables... 

  • Do you feel better or worse?

  • Are you happy or sad?

  • Do you have more energy or less?

Ask yourself the same questions about junk food.

NOW it is time learn how to make friends with salad. Love vegetables - and they will love you back.

Instead of creating green salads with 'lite' salad dressing or just cracked pepper -  make delicious salads using your favourite ingredients like nuts, avocado and even fruit! Mix dressings that you actually enjoy, not just low Kj options.

GONE are the days of counting calories. Look where calorie counting got us? It took us to fatville with a population is 60% of Australians. Painfully low-energy foods do not keep you feeling full and do NOT trick your body into forgetting about food. After you eat fat/energy/taste free salads you are left with nothing but guilt, cravings and a probably a packet of Tim-Tams. Nom nom. 

I'm calling it. 

It is time to stop calorie counting and count nutrients whilst focusing on feeding your body what it so desperately needs. Nutrients + Love.