+ Why is Back to Basics different?

Diets and meal plans don’t work. Unlike other programs, Back to Basics gives you enough structure to help make your life easier but won’t make you feel restricted or bored by telling you what to eat for every meal.

  • Each week night (Monday - Friday), you’ll get a new dinner recipe that is done in 20 minutes or less (with only about 5 minutes of actual prep time).
  • The recipes are smart, easy-to-cook and super fast! All breakfast, lunch and snack recipes are done in 5 minutes or less.
  • You can order your groceries direct from inside the program! All the recipes are shoppable so with a click of a button, you can add all your ingredients, create a custom shopping list and get your groceries delivered to your door.
  • Each week you’ll get a bonus ‘Meal prep power hour’ video and recipes, showing you how to prep for a busy week.
  • Each week you’ll get three new 20 minutes workouts, that can be done anywhere, no equipment needed. They’re effective and short to find in with you busy lifestyle.
  • On the days you don’t get a workout, you’ll get a mindset video so you learn a new way of thinking as you go.

+ What's the difference between Keep It Real and Back to Basics?

Keep It Real is an online program that is focussed around helping you break free from emotional eating and not dieting again. It is mainly video content and recipes and it is delivered over 10 weeks although you have access to the program for life once you have paid (either once off or 3xmonthly installments).

Back to Basics is a subscription program designed to save you time and make you more consistent with healthy eating and exercise. You can pay by the month and get new content (quick and easy recipes, workouts and mindset tips every week). The recipes in BTB are super quick and easy with short ingredients lists and you can order your groceries direct from the program which is super convenient!

If you struggle with binge/emotional eating then Keep It Real is a great place to start to get those fundamental principles to break free from emotional eating.

If you generally know what to do when it comes to healthy eating and exercise but really struggle to find the time to be consistent, then Back to Basics is going to really help you there.

+ Is this program right for me? Who will benefit from this program?

If you’re already cooking loads, exercising regularly and never fall off the bandwagon - well done. Back to Basics probably isn’t right you. But if you know what to do but find it hard to stay on track when life gets busy, then Back to Basics is probably a smart choice for you. The program makes it easier to be prepared ahead of a busy week and keeps you on track by guiding you to make healthy dinner choices.

+ I get bored easily. Is the content new?

Every week, you’ll get new recipes, workouts and mindset tips to help keep you motivated and engaged. If you get bored with eating the same old food, you’ll love Back to Basics.

+ How do I access Back to Basics?

You can access the program via your desktop or mobile. Simply click log in from the top of my website. If you have an iPhone, there is an app you can download - handy when you’re on the go.

+ Can I order groceries direct from the program? Which retailers can I shop with direct from the program?

Yes! And how convenient is that?! All the recipes are shoppable so you can click and collect or get your groceries delivered. Back to Basics will suggest the best retailer for you depending on where you live in the world. For example, in Australia you can shop directly with Woolworths. Current retailers we work with include; Woolworths, Amazon Fresh, Tesco, Walmart, Waitrose, Instacart, Peapod, All You Need Supermarkets and Ocado.

+ What if one of those retailers aren’t in my area. Can I still shop somewhere else for groceries?

You can still get your groceries from wherever you like. You can create your own customisable shopping list in Back to Basics, print it or choose to email or text it yourself to take on your shopping run.

+ Is the program home friendly?

You bet! All the workouts can be done from your home, no equipment needed. You don’t need any fancy kitchen equipment either. It’s designed especially for busy people.

+Can I stream the videos from my phone?

You sure can! They’re high quality videos that are smartly optimised for you to watch on the go… so it won’t chew through you data like a hungry caterpillar. Each 20 minute video is about 120MB.

+ Can I print, email or save the recipes?

Yes, yes and yes. You can print and email all the recipes. You can also save recipes to your computer to use again later.

+ If I don’t like a recipe, can I swap it out?

Of course! Flexibility it really important. You can swap out recipes whenever you like.

+ Can I swap out ingredients?

For sure. When you create your shopping list, you can easily swap out ingredients for a different brand or choose an ingredient to fit your budget or preferences.

+ I’m gluten free. Is this program right for me?

Most of the recipes are naturally gluten free (by chance) and when they aren’t - I’ve suggested an easy swap to make the recipe gluten free. If you’re gluten free, you can either swap out an ingredient or swap to a natively gluten free recipe.

+ I’m vegetarian or pescitarian. Is this program right for me?

I’ve loaded heaps of vegetarian recipes into Back to Basics. That said, there isn’t a specific vegetarian or pescitarian version of Back to Basics yet (stay tuned)! You can easily swap out the meat recipes for a vegetarian recipe.

+ I’m pregnant or breast-feeding. Is the program suitable for me?

I’d recommend you consult your doctor before starting a new program.

+ I’m cooking for my partner and/or kids. I want them to be satisfied. Do I have to cook two different meals?

No way, my friend! Back to Basics helps you make easy, fuss-free, family-friendly food. I’ve balanced the recipes to give you a healthy mix of nutrients and help you all feel satisfied. I’ve also suggested ways to serve the recipes so both little ones and adults can enjoy.

+ I’m trying to stick to a budget. Are the ingredients affordable?

The recipes are easy to make and budget friendly! I avoid fancy superfoods and use every day real ingredients to keep it real. On average, recipes work out to be $5.00 per serving size. When you shop your groceries, you can also swap ingredients to suit your budget.

+ Do I need to use PayPal, can i pay with credit/debit card only?

We currently use PayPal for our 3 month plans only, you can use your credit/debit card for the monthly or annual plan.

+ I live outside of Australia. Can I still do Back to Basics?

You bet your socks, you can! All the recipes include imperial and metric measurements.

  • If you live in UK, you can also order your groceries direct from the program via Tesco, Waitrose, ASDA, Ocado and Amazong Fresh.
  • In the USA, you can get your groceries delivered from Walmart, Peapod, Instacart or AmazonFresh.
  • In Canada, you can use Instacart for your grocery deliveries.
  • Live in Tokyo, Berlin (including Potsdam), Hamburg, or Munich? AmazonFresh also delivers to your city.

+ Do I have to meal prep in Back to Basics? What is meal prep power hour?

Meal prep power hour is an optional bonus for anyone who wants to prep ahead of a busy week. I’ll show you how to prep for two people for three days worth of food in just an hour, including washing up! If you don’t love meal prep, just stick to the weeks suggested 20-minute meals.

+ Will I get a meal plan in Back to Basics?

No. Meal plans are diets in disguise, which is why you can never stick to them. I’ll help give structure to your eating without being prescriptive. You won’t have to waste time looking for recipes and writing out a shopping lists - but you’ll still have plenty of flexibility. It’s the best of both worlds.

+ Do I get new recipes on the weekend?

Weekends can be a busy time. Each week, you’ll be recommended five new 20 minute recipes, leaving room for flexibility. You can always access more recipes via the recipe database, so you’ll always have options and inspiration.

+ Will I be supported?

You will be supported! There is a Back to Basics Facebook community group to share tips and trade ideas which is moderated by my team of experts. Plus, you’ll hear from me each week via email to help you stay on track.

+ How do the payments work?

Back to Basics in a subscription program. There are no lock in contracts and you can cancel any time. Simply select the plan that’s right for you and your subscription will renew automatically when that period is finished. All prices are quoted in Australian dollars.

+ Need tech support? Want a helping hand?

You can reach out to our lovely team any time via this email: support@lyndicohen.com

+ Is Back to Basics an app?

While we don't have our own app yet, you can access Back to Basics via a third party app. You can also access Back to Basics on your mobile by logging in direct from my website. I’d love to build a fully customised app for you (that’s my goal)! First, I need your help. I’ve created Back to Basics as an online program. I need your feedback on what features you love (and the ones you feel are missing) so that I can build the best app experience for you. I’ve got big hopes for Back to Basics so stick with me, help make it better and let’s grow together. You can email your ideas and feedback to us at support@lyndicohen.com