It’s the holidays! Stop feeling bad about yourself.

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Around holidays, the desire to diet can get so damn strong.

You know you’re meant to relax around food but when you do, you feel so terrible about your weight and the guilt can ruin a holiday.

  • You imagine that family you haven’t seen in a long time will judge your body or appearance.

  • You feel scared to wear a swimsuit or can’t find anything to wear that makes you feel comfortable…

  • You cringe when you see a photo of yourself and then can’t enjoy the moment because you’re too busy thinking about your weight and appearance.

I know this because food guilt and body hate have ruined way too many of my holidays.

And I desperately want 2019 to be the year you stop dieting and hating your body for good.

So, here are some things I really need you to know.

  1. It is totally ok to overeat. The holidays are exactly the time to relax around food. If you can’t give yourself permission to relax with food now, when can you?

  2. If a family member or ‘friend’ judges your body this holiday, it is their problem. It’s got nothing to do with your weight and everything to do with their own insecurities.

  3. Guilt won’t help eat less or lose weight. It screws with your happiness, isolates you from the people you love and ruins what is meant to be happy time.

When that sneaky little voice in your head pipes up telling you to lose weight or diet – I want you to practice telling her to sit down and be quiet.

Imagine your brain is a radio.

When you hear that voice, try to see if you can change the channel. Every time the voice pipes up again, practice changing the channel back to self acceptance again.

For example: I started by simply telling myself: “I accept myself – and I accept others”.

If you can have one goal this holiday – or this year – decide that you won’t spend yet another year controlled by body dysmorphia or diet culture. 

How many more years or holidays will be wasted because of a diet mindset?

At the end of your life, will you remember your love handles? Or will you regret how much time you spent worrying about them?

2019 is your year to start thinking differently.

It really is time to live your best life.

P.s….I’m currently in snowy Austria, where you bet I’m eating fondue, drinking hot wine and giving zero shits about my stomach rolls. And I’ve never been happier. 

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