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Eating shouldn’t make you feel guilty.

Learn how to eat healthily without obsessing about food. 

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Lyndi Cohen Australian nutritionist

Hey, I'm Lyndi

I’m an Australian dietician known as The Nude Nutritionist. But healthy eating hasn't always been easy for me. 

Just a few years ago, my mood was dictated by my weight and food was constantly on my mind... I was obsessed with trying to be 'good' but as soon as things got stressful, I'd give in to my cravings - and then I couldn't stop!

It wasn't until I quit dieting and adopted a completely new approach to eating that my life changed.


Keep It Real Program is an online program to help you change your mindset around eating, find balance with food and your weight - and never diet again.

Does this sound familiar?

Trying to be healthy has taken over your life. Food is constantly on your mind. 

When you get stressed, you eat way more than you want and find it hard to stop. And then you feel really guilty.  

Sometimes, you hide, eating the food you feel deprived of... bread, cereal, peanut butter. 

You feel in control of everything in your life, except your weight.


If so, I get it. I used to be the same.

Want the good news?

You can learn to eat healthily without obsession or guilt

...even if you've been dieting for years. 

How can I help you?

Lyndi Cohen Australian nutritionist The Nude Nutritionist


I'd love to help you change your mindset around eating so you never have to diet again. 


Looking for a qualified dietician for an exciting project or brand collaboration?

Media dietitian Lyndi Cohen Sydney


If you need a media-savvy nutritionist or dietitian, I'd love to have a chat. Get in touch! 

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