3-Ingredient Raw Chocolate 'Brownie'


These delicious and simple 3-ingredient 'brownies' are the perfect treat to whip up in just a couple of minutes. I'm really loving this healthy raw slice recipe, created by the amazing Melissa Eaton from Eaton Balanced.   

This no-bake 'brownie' recipe is easily modified so feel free to play around and add in the ingredient you love, such as:

  • almonds
  • coconut
  • peanut butter
  • sea salt
  • vanilla essence
  • cinnamon
  • coffee

... and so on. The sky is the limit.

If you were wondering, this recipe also happens to be paleo, vegan, vegetarian, refine sugar free, dairy free and delicious! Enjoy :) 

three ingredient raw, vegan chocolate brownie

Healthy recipe

Three Ingredient Raw Chocolate Brownie

  • Total time 5 minutes
  • Serves 12
  • Very easy!


  • 140g raw cashews
  • 180g pitted dates
  • 12g unsweetened cocoa powder 


  1. Add cashews to blender and blend into a flour.
  2. Add the dates and cocoa powder and blend until combined.
  3. Press into a “slab” and then cut into shape.  Or alternatively, roll into balls
three ingredient raw, vegan chocolate brownie