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BEFORE: Every night I’d tell myself “tomorrow will be different”.

A few years ago, I was stuck on the dieting rollercoaster. I knew exactly what I 'should' eat but couldn’t seem to stick to it.

I was either super healthy or eating ice-cream straight from the container. There was no in between.

Honestly? I had tried every diet, program and meal plan. But after a decade of waking up every day and ‘trying to be good’, I weighed more than when I started.

I realised that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life stressed about my weight and feeling guilty for eating something ‘bad’.

I decided to get Back to Basics instead.


I adopted a completely different approach to eating, that doesn’t involve counting points, obsessing or cutting out foods. 

Within four years, I had lost 20kg. But that turned out to be just an added bonus.

Now, my life isn't controlled by food. 

I eat well to feel healthy and energised. I love my body and myself. My health, not my weight comes first and I exercise because I enjoy it, not for punishment.

And I no longer feel the need to console myself with food.

Best of all, I feel so comfortable in my skin….


Need a little support to help you stay on track with a healthy lifestyle?

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Back to Basics is for anyone who know what to do
but simply struggles with consistency.

Confused about what you ‘should’ be eating…? I don’t blame you.

Healthy eating advice has become too confusing.

Here’s what I know.

  • You can eat healthily without having to get weird and expensive ingredients from the health food shop.

  • You can’t live your healthiest life when you mind is filled with relentless body hate and dieting mentality.

  • There’s nothing wrong with your willpower, you’re just totally bamboozled by all the nonsense out there.

  • Healthy eating is much easier when you keep it real.


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I’m 100% photoshop free.

It’s so tough to love your body in a world that’s constantly telling you not to…

In order to be real, 'stripped bare' and keep it real, no images of me are photoshopped.

In fact, my main mission is to help people feel healthy and comfortable in their bodies. Because the truth is - you don’t need to look like a supermodel to be healthy.


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Keep It Real Online Program

You can heal your relationship with food and stop struggling with your weight - even if you've been dieting for years.

Keep It Real Program is an online course designed to help you find balance with food and your body - and never diet again.

"This is without a doubt the best program I have ever participated in. It feels like I am getting my life back again".

Lyndi Cohen The Nude Nutritionist Media dietitian

Australian Media Nutritionist

I love spreading the word about healthy eating as the regular media nutritionist dietitian on Channel 9's TODAY show.

If you are looking for a media nutritionist or TV dietitian, please get in touch to collaborate. Note: As a media nutritionist, I only work with brands and companies who share my 'back to basics' food philosophy! 

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