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Eat well for a couple of weeks but stop when life gets busy?
Don’t go on another diet. Get Back to Basics.


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Tired of deciding what to cook for dinner each night?

  • New shoppable recipes every week!

  • Order your groceries straight from the program. With fully customisable shopping lists.

  • Smart, healthy recipes with quick cook times and short ingredients lists.

  • No weird or expensive superfoods. Family friendly meals!

BONUS: Prep ahead of a busy week with Meal Prep Power Hour! My videos will show you how, step by step.

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Be consistent with exercise + feel good!

  • Get three NEW <20 min workouts every week

  • A healthy balance of HIIT, Pilates + Yoga

  • Workout with me from anywhere, anytime.

  • Fun workouts for all fitness levels.
    No equipment needed.

    (Strict NO burpee policy!)

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Confused about what you should be eating?

  • I’ll help you be healthy without giving up after a couple of weeks!

  • Learn about sugar cravings, snacking, over eating, eating out, healthy portion sizes and plenty more.

  • Stay motivated and inspired.

  • Learn as you go with new content every week.


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I’ve got your back…

  • I’m a dietitian, TV nutritionist and author.

  • I used to struggle with my weight for years so I get that consistency is damn hard.


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Will I be supported? +

You will be supported! There is a Back to Basics Facebook community group to share tips and trade ideas which is moderated by my team of experts.

If I don’t like a recipe, can I swap it out? +

Of course! Flexibility it really important. You can swap out recipes whenever you like.

Can I save recipes? +

You can save recipes to your computer (or email them to yourself) to use again later

I get bored easily. Is the content new? +

Every week, you’ll get new recipes, workouts and mindset tips to help keep you motivated and engaged.

Which retailers can I do my grocery shopping with directly in Back to Basics? +

All the recipes are shoppable so you can click and collect or get your groceries delivered. Back to Basics will suggest the best retailer for you depending on where you live in the world. For example, in Australia you can shop directly with Woolworths. Here’s a list of the current retailers: Woolworths, Amazon Fresh, Tesco, Walmart, Waitrose, Instacart, Peapod, All You Need Supermarket, Ocado.

What if one of those retailers aren’t in my area. Can I still shop somewhere else for groceries? +

You can still get your groceries from wherever you like. You can create your own customisable shopping list in Back to Basics, print it or choose to email or text it yourself to take on your shopping run.

I’m gluten free. Is this program right for me? +

Most of the recipes are naturally gluten free (by chance) and when they aren’t I’ve suggested ways to make the recipe gluten free. If you’re gluten free, you can either swap out an ingredient or swap to a natively gluten free recipe instead.

I’m vegetarian or pescitarian. Is this program right for me? +

I’ve loaded heaps of vegetarian recipes into Back to Basics. There isn’t yet a specific vegetarian or pescitarian version of Back to Basics (stay tuned)! You can easily swap out the meat recipes for a vegetarian recipe.

I’m pregnant or breast-feeding. Is the program suitable for me? +

Back to Basics is incredibly flexible so if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you can adjust the program to suit your needs. We don’t recommend you do Meal Prep Power Hour if you are pregnant and instead opt for freshly cooked meals at every meal time. Consult your doctor before starting a new program.

I’m cooking for my partner and/or kids. I want them to be satisfied. Do I have to cook two different meals? +

No way, my friend! Back to Basics helps you make easy, fuss-free, family-friendly food. I’ve balanced the recipes to give you a healthy mix of nutrients and help you all feel satisfied. I’ve also suggested ways to serve the recipes so both little ones and adults can enjoy.

I’m trying to stick to a budget. Will the shopping for the program be really expensive? +

The recipes are easy to make and budget friendly! I avoid fancy superfoods and used every day real ingredients to keep it real. On average, recipes work out to be $5.00 per serving size.

Why is Back to Basics different? +

Diets don’t work. But having structure can really help you stay consistent, provided you can be flexible and make it work for you. Unlike other programs, BTB doesn’t tell you what to eat every minute of every day. My recipes are smart and rea! The workouts are achievable and fun and varied to help keep things interesting and balanced. My mindset videos are teaching you as you go for the best results.

Do I have to meal prep in Back to Basics? What is meal prep power hour? +

Meal prep power hour is an optional bonus for anyone who wants to prep ahead of a busy week. I’ll show you how to prep a most of your weeks food in just an hour, including washing up! If you don’t love meal prep, just stick to the weeks suggested 20-minute meals.

Will I get a meal plan in Back to Basics? +

No. Meal plans are diets in disguise, which is why you can never stick to them. I’ll help give structure to your eating without being prescriptive. You won’t have to waste time looking for recipes and writing out a shopping lists - but you’ll have plenty of flexibility. It’s the best of both worlds.


Radek Jonak - Back to Basics - Fitness Expert

Personal Trainer:
Radek Jonak

Radek is the director, owner and senior trainer of RadBod Fitness. Radek knows how to make fitness fun. Check him out on Instagram.

Sophie Dumon- Back to Basics Program - Fitness Expert.png

Pilates Teacher:
Sophie Dumon

Sophie is a pilates instructor as Selph Health Studios and she is full of good energy. You can follow her adventures on Instagram.

Amy Guiliano - Back to Basics Program - Yoga teacher

Yoga teacher:
Amy Guiliano

Amy is the yoga director at Selph Health Studios. Follow Amy on Instagram and feel inspired to not sweat the small stuff.

Plus, get online support and meet like minded people via the exclusive Back to Basics Facebook community.

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