Be healthy without dieting
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If counting caloriesworked,
wouldn’t you be at your goal weight by now?

Family-friendly meal planning

Stay organised + let us do the meal planning for you
  • Refreshingly doable and easy to stick to!
    - Anna
  • Love the meals and so does my family
    - Kylie
  • The last few weeks have been a big hit in my household!
    - Lauren
  • I’m getting so much food from such a cheap grocery shop
    - Akasha
  • Even my fussy teenagers loved this meatless dish
    - Lisa

Shop recipe ingredients

Add ingredients to your grocery cart from the app with one-click.

Stay on track

Meal prep a fridge-full of healthy meals in just one hour

Be healthy without dieting

Learn a new approach to healthy living - no deprivation!

Easy to follow challenges

Step-by-step guidance for emotional eating, cravings and more
  • Has been truly life changing for me and my family
    - Sarah
  • My teenagers made dinner while I got to go out for a walk
    - Ruth
  • Takes the stress out of food and planning
    - Jen
  • My wife hates cooking and she was extremely surprised how easy it was
    - Kellie
  • If anything, I’m saving money
    - Lorraine

Exercise you’ll actually enjoy

5, 10 and 20 minute workouts, no equipment needed.

Pregnant or postpartum?

Pregnancy-friendly recipes, workouts for each trimester plus expert support.

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