Eat tasty food without worrying about your weight

Get easy recipes, family-friendly meal planning, enjoyable workouts and expert mindset support to be healthy without dieting.

Ditch diet culture B.S.

You haven’t failed diets.
Diets have failed you.

Hey! I’m Lyndi - dietitian and nutritionist. I’ve tried every diet! I’d lose weight but feel like a failure every time I regained it.

After a decade of starting from scratch every Monday, I finally stopped dieting and got Back to Basics. Now my life doesn’t revolve around food and I have more time (and energy) for the stuff I love.

It’s time for a new approach.

If counting caloriesworked,
wouldn’t you feel healthier by now?

What is Back to Basics?

500+ deliciously simple, healthy recipes
Flexible, intuitive weekly meal planner
Generate a customisable weekly shopping list and easily shop ingredients from the app
Mindset videos to help with cravings, overeating and more
Meal prep like a pro with easy-to-follow videos
Quick 5, 10 and 20 minute at-home workouts
  • "Signing up to Back to Basics was the best decision I’ve made in a while. The meals are so quick and easy to cook and very filling so we are not snacking as much."
    - Sarah
  • "Refreshingly doable and easy to stick to!"
    - Anna
  • "Love the meals and so does my family. It makes my life easier which allows me more time to spend with my family or having some me time."
    - Kylie
  • "I am getting so much food out of such a cheap grocery shop. It's awesome."
    - Akasha
  • "The recipes have become family favourites, they are full of flavour and are simple enough to get right first go. professionally guided workouts are 20 minutes, so I actually do them!"
    - Tara
  • "Back to basics is such a great program for anyone wanting to save time and make no fuss recipes that taste delicious."
    - Andrea
  • "Back to Basics is such a great app that makes it easy to incorporate healthy habits into everyday life!"
    - Emily
  • "Recipes are simple and delicious, the exercise is fun and her mindset tips are life changing! I’ll never diet again!"
    - Amy

Healthy made easy

Feel healthier and stronger while eating tasty food

Generate weekly shopping lists to shop in store or online

Makes planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals stress-free

Something you can stick to! No more yo-yo dieting or starting from scratch

Budget-friendly, easy-to-find ingredients

Save time in the kitchen and take the hassle out of meal prep

Shop recipe ingredients

Add ingredients to your grocery cart from the app with one-click.

Easy to follow challenges

Step-by-step guidance for emotional eating, cravings and more

Exercise you’ll actually enjoy

5, 10 and 20 minute workouts, no equipment needed.

Pregnant or postpartum?

Pregnancy-friendly recipes, workouts for each trimester plus expert support.

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