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  • Safe workouts for each trimester
  • 400+ easy, pregnancy-friendly recipes
  • Support for nausea, cravings + more
  • Created by a team of leading womens’ health experts
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Real Love From Real People


I absolutely love Back to Basics Pregnancy - I’m so glad Lyndi and the team have developed it!

The workouts are the perfect length to fit in at least 1 a day. I love that I can be comfortable that they are all pregnancy safe. This was exactly what I was looking for since the start of my pregnancy!

Victoria M

The app is perfect! The recipes are so good.

I have had food fear throughout this pregnancy not knowing what to cook. But your recipes show there is so much more healthy variety to make!


So so glad I got to use this in my pregnancy.

It really helped my mindset and the workouts were gentle but challenging at the same time. It’s such a great resource and I'm so thankful you created it.

Julia C

With no pressure of a “program” or “diet”

I absolutely love the flexibility. Just an abundance of resources. Thank you!

Saatchi S

I got so much benefit from the program.

I loved the recipes as I was finding it hard to create yummy healthy food that was good for me and bub. The online exercises really helped with keeping me fit and getting me in shape for the birth.


I love cooking healthy meals for my family, but often run short on time in the planning required to do this consistently.

I love cooking healthy meals for my family, but often run short on time in the planning required to do this consistently.


Back to basics is such a great program for anyone wanting to save time and make no fuss recipes that taste delicious.

There are so many recipes in the database to choose from. There are also awesome fun 20 minute workouts that you can squeeze in to still get exercise in!


I'm really enjoying the database of easy to make, no fuss recipes which are delicious.

Community is great and supportive and Lyndi and Les are very responsive to suggestions and requests for advice/help.


Back to basics is a breath of fresh air in a world saturated by diet culture.

There’s no rules, just yummy recipes, fun workouts and the community we all crave.


I am really enjoying back to basics and it is very affordable compared to a lot of other programs.

The recipes are pretty easy and of course you can have snacks if you want to but the further and further I go into this program I’m snacking less because I’m feeling more satiated at my main meals.

Your PREGNANCY questions answered

  • What foods can I eat in pregnancy?
  • Which foods must I avoid in pregnancy?
  • I'm pregnant and so nauseous! What can I eat?
  • Can I still exercise when I'm pregnant?
  • How much weight should I be gaining? How can I lose weight after giving birth?
  • What can I do to ease my back pain?
  • Can I avoid incontinence?
  • How can I best prepare for labour?
  • Which supplements should I be taking?

Access 40+ videos with expert pregnancy nutrition + physio advice to help you stay healthy

Week-by-week support during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crazy time, right? There's more pressure than ever to be healthy and you might be dealing with nausea, intense cravings and zero exercise motivation.

When I fell pregnant, I found it overwhelming. "What should I be eating" and "can I still exercise?"

I looked about but couldn't find a holistic program or App that had it all: pregnancy recipes, workouts, advice for staying healthy in pregnancy and shortcuts to help actually make it all happen. That's why I built it myself!

If like me, you're also pregnant, join me in Back to Basics so we can stay strong and healthy as our bumps grow.

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What's inside Back to Basics Pregnancy?

Access to 300+ pregnancy friendly recipes
40+ videos with pregnancy nutrition + physio advice
Shop recipes and add ingredients directly to cart
Lots of pregnancy & postnatal workouts modified for each trimester
Family-friendly (& nausea friendly) meal inspo
Fully customisable weekly meal planner
Mindset videos to help you feel good
24/7 access via mobile and desktop
Weekly emails & personalised support
Supportive online community

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Will Back to Basics help me make food my whole family (including my other kids) will eat?

You bet your sweet maternity bra, it will! Back to Basics is designed for busy people (and parents) who want easy-to-make healthy foods - without weird ingredients or fuss.

I'm super busy. Can I still do Back to Basics Pregnancy?

Of course. Life is busy enough. Back to Basics saves you time in the kitchen with simple recipes and doable 20-min prenatal and postnatal exercises. Plus, you can easily add recipes to the weekly planner and/or add ingredients directly from the recipes to your online shopping cart.

How many prenatal and postnatal workouts are there?

We’re adding new prenatal workouts all the time! Our goal is to get 60+ pregnancy and postnatal workouts. You don’t need any equipment for our workouts. Plus, we've smartly suggested different workouts suitable to the different stages of your pregnancy, so we’ll grow with you and bub.

I’m really nauseous and finding it hard to be healthy. How can you help me?

It should really be called ‘all day sickness’ no morning sickness, am I right? The nausea is intense! If all feel like eating right now is plain pasta and toast, we’ll help you with easy, simple meal ideas (no weird smells, pinky promise) and help you navigate the nausea with some smart strategies.

Can I print, email or save the recipes? Can I cast the workouts or videos to my TV?

Yes, yes and yes. You can print, email and save your favourite recipes with a click of a button. Plus, you can easily cast all the videos to your TV - so you choose if you want to watch content on your phone, desktop or TV screen.

Will I get a meal plan in Back to Basics Pregnancy?

No, meal plans are diets in disguise (argh!). And not recommended in pregnancy. We’ve made something far better, anyway. Back to Basics Pregnancy is an anti-diet approach with a fully customisable weekly planner so you can swap any ingredients, recipes or workouts. Much more flexible and doable...

I live outside of Australia. Can I still do Back to Basics Pregnancy?

Yes! I wouldn’t leave you out. All the recipes include imperial and metric measurements and we are integrated with supermarkets in the following countries: Australia, UK, USA, Austria and Germany.

I’m vegetarian / pescetarian / gluten-free / dairy-free / have gestational diabetes. Is this right for me?

We have you covered. We’ve loaded heaps of vegetarian, pescatarian, GF, DF and diabetes-friendly recipes. You can easily filter recipes based on your preferences. I’m constantly adding new recipes so you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

Still unsure? Ask us!

More Love From Our Members

Laura C

I love, love, love the vast array of recipes.

The app provides quick access to lots of delicious recipes that are also family-friendly. Back to Basics Pregnancy helped me to ensure I was feeding my body and my baby with quick, healthy foods.

Leila M

I love your approach to eating and health.

I’m seven weeks pregnant and struggling with food and exercise. I feel like the app is a lifesaver. Thank you so much!


Back to Basics Pregnancy app and program is such a lifesaver!

The recipes are brilliant! Every meal we have had has been delicious and even the husband has loved them and how easy they have been to make. The videos have been really helpful too, so many topics I’ve been keen to know more about.

Bianca F

It is great being able to easily search for pregnancy-friendly recipes which the whole family can enjoy.

The exercise videos are excellent. They aren’t too long or complex and it is comforting knowing everything is safe. Lyndi is relatable, engaging and motivating!

Jessica S

Back to Basics is a simple way to make sure you're taking care of your health.

It’s not over-complicated and the information is really straightforward and easy to understand. The recipes are yummy and easy to make, perfect for midweek dinners.

Ruth C

My teenagers made us dinner tonight while I got to go for a walk!

Awesome and enjoyed by all of us! ❤️

Kim B

Vegetarian Lasagne tonight was AMAZING.

Also, have leftovers for the next few days. 20 minutes of prep for 5 meals? Love it.

Ricki S

I did the “add to list” for Woolworths for meal prep recipes 💥 Mind blown. So simple.

Jenna S

I started Back to Basics and I love it!!

I have always struggled with my weight. You have changed my life. I also love the workouts. They are doable and motivating. Thank you!!!

Heads up!

We care about your health. That's why we want you to know:

We've used the best evidence-based practice to make Back to Basics Pregnancy safe for you and your baby. However, this App does not (and could not) replace medical advice from your doctor, obstetrician, midwife or other health care professional.

Check with your health care professional before starting something new.