When hunger strikes, it’s good to have some healthy snack ideas to help you feel fuller for longer.

A glass of milk, a slice of cheese, grainy or sourdough toast with avocado, a piece of fruit or handful of nuts are all great choices but here are some other options I’m loving at the moment. 

Sliced apple with nut butter spread

Simply slice an apple (I love Modi Apples for this) and spread with your favourite nut butter. Sprinkle with cinnamon and top with nuts.

This plant-based healthy snack is perfect for cravings and a great way to eat another serve of fruit – but with the addition of healthy fats, protein and fibre. This is a great choice for kids who won’t have plain fruit. Let them spread it themselves. 

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Other ideas:

  • Spread some nut butter on celery and add sultanas
  • Dip pieces of fresh pear into nut butter
  • Use a banana instead of an apple and add crunchy bits
  • Remove the seeds from fresh dates, stuff with nut butter and add a sprinkle of salt. Wow! 

  Via @nude_nutritionist  Via @nude_nutritionist

Yoghurt with oats and seeds

Add some plain oats or seeds (linseeds, sunflower, chia etc) or nuts for added fibre. This will help you stay fuller and help with digestion. -Choose a natural Greek, full-fat version with probiotics as opposed to simply ‘live cultures’. Add fresh fruit or a squeeze of honey instead of buying sweetened and flavoured versions

Most yoghurts come portion sized already so they are easy to snack on. I am a big fan of yoghurt as it’s a delicious, real food way to get calcium, protein, and probiotics. 

  Via Lyndi Cohen - The Nude Nutritionist Instagram @nude_nutritionist  Via Lyndi Cohen – The Nude Nutritionist Instagram @nude_nutritionist

Banana ‘nice-cream’

Blend a handful of nuts, then add a frozen banana and blitz. You can get fancy and add nut butter, vanilla essence and/or cacao.

This easy to make healthy snack idea is one of my favourites at the moment as it’s easy to make and tastes like real ice cream. I like to buy fruit in bulk when it’s ‘rescued’ or sold in bulk, freeze it and make it into nice-cream. Berries and mango work so well! 

A fresh banana is also a brilliant snack!

  Via Lyndi Cohen - The Nude Nutritionist Instagram:   @nude_nutritionist  Via Lyndi Cohen – The Nude Nutritionist Instagram: @nude_nutritionist

Bliss balls

Combine nuts and seeds, pitted dates (Medjool are best) with a touch of coconut oil and cacao in a blender. Pulse unto dough consistency, then roll into balls and place in the fridge for about an hour. 

Cacao Bliss Ball recipe | Makes 12-14 balls

  • 110g raw almonds
  • 110g pitted medjool dates
  • 2 tablespoons cacao 
  • 40g coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds


  1. Blend ingredients in a food processor. Roll into ball and refrigerate for 1 hour before eating. Enjoy!

Some people add additional protein to their bliss balls but I prefer getting protein from real foods. Make a large batch at the beginning of the week for healthy snacks for work. Bliss balls can be moreish and easy to over eat. So if you’re an emotional eater, this then might not be the best option for you.

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Chopped vegetables with dips

Hummus with veggie sticks is a classic healthy snack option but why not mix it up a little. Why not like spicy hummus, feta dip or creamy avocado dip.

To make a healthy, creamy avocado dip: Add 3 ripe avocados to food processor with juice from 1 lime. Add ½ cup of natural Greek yoghurt and a sprinkle of salt! You can also add herbs like coriander or chilli for some heat!

If you’re hungrier, have the dips on some Vita-weets or a piece of sourdough.

  Via Lyndi Cohen The Nude Nutritionist Instagram @nude_nutritionist  Via Lyndi Cohen The Nude Nutritionist Instagram @nude_nutritionist


I also love Cobs popcorn, slightly sweet and salty as a snack/treat. They actually contain quite a bit of fibre which is great for getting your gut working… Pop your own at home for a really easy and cheap snack. 

Edamame beans with chilli salt

You don’t need to wait to eat at a Japanese restaurant to enjoy these…. I keep frozen shelled edamame beans at home. When I feel like something sweet, I’d boil a few, add a touch of chilli salt and enjoy. It’s super yum, high in protein, good for plant-based protein.

Tips for eating healthy snacks at work

  • Plan ahead and be prepared. For example, keep a piece of fruit with you. Put nuts in a portion-sized container.
  • Keep healthy snacks in your drawer at work instead of chocolate or junk. 
  • If you’re desperate to eat but don’t have any options, a takeaway coffee is an easy option to prevent you from getting hangry.

Less healthy snack options…

Processed junk food

We all know that processed foods like soft drinks, cakes and chocolates aren’t the best snacks. This is because they will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and when they drop (quickly!) you’ll be left with a drop in energy and low mood. These aren’t ideal 

Muesli bars

I’m not a fan of muesli bars as they require quite a bit of sugar and fat to keep them together. Also, they are really easy to devour in 2-3 bites so you barely recognise that you’ve eaten. I’d recommend having dried fruit and nuts instead of a muesli bar.

Eating at your desk or in front of the TV or in the car

This habit will condition your brain to get hungry every time you sit down to work, flick on the telly or drive somewhere. When you have a snack, be conscious and mindful of what you’re eating.  


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