"Help! I can't stop eating!"


Stressed because you can't stop eating?! You don't need better willpower or a stricter diet. You need to adopt a new approach to food...

Do you lie in bed after you can't stop eating at night and feel guilty? You beat yourself up with:

  • "You really shouldn't have eaten that"

  • "Why can't you have more self-control?"

  • "Tomorrow, you have to be way better"

Even with your best intentions, reprimanding yourself will never help you lose weight or stop overeating.

The next day, you'll fall into the same old trap and end up feeling guilty yet again.

Here's what to do break the cycle when you can't stop eating:

1. Focus on health and habits - not weight loss and restriction. 

Swap "I shouldn't eat ____ tomorrow" for "I'm going to eat more vegetables tomorrow and snack on fruit". Then prep enough healthy food so it's easy (I teach you exactly how in the Keep It Real Program). 

Swap "I need to stop hitting snooze. I need to stop overeating when I'm tired" for "I want to get to bed half an hour earlier (so I wake up and exercise in the morning and don't snack all evening because I'm exhausted)".

Focus on the healthy habits you can achieve, not the restrictions you think you need to adopt. Think practical, doable, enjoyable.

Here are 29 healthy habits that are way more effective than diets.  


2. Don't under eat

If you eat a small breakfast, light lunch and binge eat all night, it's VERY likely that you're undereating during the day.

Your willpower will lose every time when it's fighting hunger and feelings of deprivation

Eat more during the day. Don't avoid carbohydrates. Have a sandwich, a wrap, sushi or a really hearty salad or soup for lunch. If you're hungry, you must eat. Do not try and be 'good' (i.e. eat like a rabbit). You'll just stay stuck in the cycle, overeating in front of the TV again the next night. 

This is what happens when you don't eat enough during the day.

This is what happens when you don't eat enough during the day.

3. Meal prep

If you don't have healthy options sorted, you'll probably end up reaching for convenience food like bread with peanut butter and a bowl of cereal or pasta.

These foods are healthy but they're quite easy to overeat and if you consistently choose them over cooking a balanced meal, you're missing out on vegetables and variety. 

I teach you how to meal prep like a pro in Keep It Real Program, but here are some more tips:

  • Always make twice as much dinner so you have a healthy lunch the next day.

  • Find some healthy recipe inspiration here.

  • Make a big pot of soup for the coming week. Cook in bulk and freeze food.

  • Rinse and chop your veggies and fruit. Store in airtight containers.

  • If you consistently overeat on certain foods (like bliss balls), then choose another snack option (like fruit, yoghurt) instead.

Learn how to meal prep like a pro by watching videos in Keep It Real Program.

Learn how to meal prep like a pro by watching videos in Keep It Real Program.

4. Break the TV and food habit

Do most of your overeating late at night (or after work) in front of the TV?

When you eat in front of the TV, you train your brain to crave food when you tune into your favourite show. The brain is rewired and the cravings become so predictable. 

This is an important habit to break. Turn off the TV when you eat. Then come back to your show. 

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