They’re calling it the Great Avocado Depression.

Avocado prices have hit record highs this year and it’s making Australian hipster and foodies very sad.

A large avocado can now cost anywhere from $5 to $8, which means you really can’t go to brunch AND save up for a house. 

Why are avocado so expensive right now?

The surge in prices is due to an avocado shortage. 

There’s not enough of the popular varieties Fuerte and Hass to feed our avocado obsession, According to the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA). 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very fruitful season. 

Australia also gets a lot of avocados from New Zealand. Some unexpected storms meant the avocados couldn’t make it to Australia. 

The good news…

Another crop of avocados is set to be harvested now from far North Queensland. So very soon, you’ll start to see the prices of your favourite fruit come down again to reasonable prices.

“Some small amounts of Shepard are already being delivered to market and higher quantities are expected to flow through from the first and second week of February, instead of the more usual mid-to-late February,” Avocados Australia chief executive John Tyas said.

Seems like it’s only a matter of days until the avocado drought is over…

And when it does, try this delicious chocolate avocado mousse