I’m not sure why it’s called the ‘health’ food aisle…

Take a stroll and all you’ll find are:

  • packaged foods (nothing fresh in sight)

  • sad, sugar-free imitations of chocolate

  • so-called ‘guilt-free’ indulgences

  • supplements

  • meal replacements and diet pills

  • overpriced, and almost always imported superfoods

  • processed foods designed with people with intolerances and allergies

Most of the products in the health food aisle are total BS.

Here are some examples:

‘Alkalising’ anything

Your body does NOT need ‘akalising’. This is not a thing. Your body does a tremendous job maintaining the PH levels of your organs. If your body couldn’t regulate PH, no $60 green alkalising powder would fix that.

Choose instead: Eat more vegetables. This one habit is far more effective (and scientifically proven) than any akalising product.

Start by adding in one more serving a day. Aim for 5+ a day and you’ll naturally crowd out less healthy options. Add a handful of spinach to meals, put cherry tomatoes on the kitchen counter to easily snack on and choose veggie-full meals when eating out.

Diet products

There’s nothing healthy for you about diet pills, meal replacements or sugar-free chocolate (just eat the real deal and skip the diarrhoea!)

Even if you lose weight with these products, which I don’t endorse, the weight will come back when you stop using them. I’ve been there, done that. Nothing healthy about it.

Protein bars and powders

Manufactured protein powders are highly processed. Even the ‘better’ ones don’t even closely resemble the ingredient/s they are made from.

Plus, they’re expensive and give you really bad smelling gas. Most people don’t need protein supplements. Read more here.

Choose instead: Protein from real food like a handful of nuts, half a tin of legumes for lunch, a glass of milk or greek yoghurt.

The real ‘health food aisle’ is you find where real, whole foods. 

Foods that don’t cost the earth or your weekly wages… foods like vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts.

While most of the food in the health aisle won’t harm you, they can distract you from the things that really matter. 

So, you spend big $$$ on things that don’t fundamentally make you much healthier – but that takes up the most mental energy.

Prioritise your energy on the healthy habits that make the biggest difference. 

Save your energy for things that actually ‘move the dial’ such as:

  • Eating 1-2 serves of fruit every day.

  • Adding in one more serve of vegetables every day.

  • Leaving alcohol for weekends and special occasions

  • Choosing a healthier option like greek yoghurt with a bit of honey, your favourite piece of fruit or a smoothie instead of the daily treat of chocolate, lollies or biscuits when you get a sweet craving.

  • Cooking more at home. (Even one night a week will help).

  • Exercising several times a week, in a way that you enjoy.

  • Getting 8-9 hours of sleep.

Take home message

If you love getting products from the health aisle, please keep enjoying. When it comes to health, do what is right for you. Always.

But don’t be tricked into spending your mental energy (and money) on the health food aisle. Cook more at home using fresh food, eat a bit of everything and enjoy.