The Nude Nutritionist
Stop obsessing about food + never diet again

If you’re sick of dieting (and all the BS that comes with it), then this book is for you.

Why? Well, It’s not just another diet or health book.

The Nude Nutritionist Book is a straight-talking guide to help you eat healthily without obsessing about food or dieting.

Thank goodness.

Plus it’s loaded with 55+ easy, healthy recipes - no wacky superfoods needed.

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Get out of the “I’ll start tomorrow’ diet loop.

The Nude Nutritionist Book

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So…. What’s in The Nude Nutritionist Book?


The Nude Nutritionist book is loaded with practical nutrition info, real-life case studies and 55+ whole food recipes to help you:

  • Learn how to eat healthily without dieting.

  • Get motivated with meal prep, grocery shopping and healthy snack ideas.

  • Let go of the all-or-nothing mentality.

  • Boost your body image and let go of perfectionism.

  • Overcome emotional eating.

  • Cut through the nutrition noise so you feel confident to make healthy choices.

  • Balance your hormones, mood and energy.

  • Create a healthy relationship with food and exercise.


This book is for you if…

  • You try to eat well all week but ‘ruin it’ on the weekend.

  • You’d like to break the “I’ll start again tomorrow” diet loop.

  • You’ve spent most of your whole life restricting, counting points or ‘trying to be good’.

  • You’re not sure how to eat healthily without dieting.

  • You want to feel comfortable in your own skin and feel normal around food.

  • You’d love to be healthy - but without obsessing or thinking about food all the time.

  • You’re sick of all the BS…

The Nude Nutritionist Book - Lyndi Cohen.png

The Nude Nutritionist book is the perfect gift for your mother, daughter, sister, aunty, best friend…

(or that person at work who won’t stop talking about their latest diet)!


Disclaimer: There are no nude pics in The Nude Nutritionist book... Or are there?
Pre-order to find out.


What about the recipes?

You’ll get 55+ super simple, Mediterranean-inspired recipes in The Nude Nutritionist book.

  • The recipes are quick and easy to make because who really has time for fussy food?!

  • You can get all the ingredients from the supermarket so you don’t need wacky ingredients or expensive superfoods.

  • You’ll discover plenty of mid-week meal inspiration that the whole family will enjoy (kid and husband approved!) and awesome ideas for healthier sweets and snacks.

  • These are the exact recipes I make at home for my family.

Got an intolerance or allergy?

  • Many of the recipes are naturally gluten-free. For the ones that aren’t GF, I’ve included a suggestion on how to swap in an alternative ingredient.

  • Dairy-free or don’t eat meat? Not a problem. There’s plenty of recipes from the book you will love. I’ve made suggestions throughout the book to help you get the most from the recipes.


The Nude Nutritionist Book

Pre-order and get discounts + bonuses.

Be the first to receive a copy when the book is available on Jan 7, 2019. Get it delivered straight to your door.


About Lyndi Cohen (that’s me!)

Lyndi Cohen

I used to be a serial dieter. I tried absolutely everything to lose weight.

I spent a decade dieting, avoiding forbidden foods or ‘trying to be good’. I bought books, drank shakes and counted points.

Eventually, I grew tired of constantly falling off the wagon and starting over every Monday...

So, I quit dieting. And it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

I taught myself how to eat healthily, without obsessing or restricting.

And holy moly, this way of eating changed my life. I lost 20kg, but the real magic is that I never feel guilty or worry about my weight.

Now, I’m a dietitian on Channel 9’s TODAY show and author of this lovely new book - The Nude Nutritionist - a guide to help you eat healthily without obsessing or dieting.

I think you’re going to like it!

Take a cheeky peek inside

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The Nude Nutritionist Book will help you:

  • Adopt a sustainable lifestyle that makes you feel good.

  • Feel in control of your weight and food choices (but not obsessed).

  • Get off the diet roller coaster and eat normally.

  • Feel comfortable in your skin - and confident!

  • Balance your hormones and have more energy.

  • Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

  • Feel motivated and confident to make healthy choices.

  • Have a healthy relationship with food.

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The Nude Nutritionist Book

A wonderful gift for your daughter, mother, sister or friend.